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Superman February 16, 2012

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I want a picture of Superman ice cream to appear on my page. LOOK! It’s too labor intensive, though. NO, IT’S NOT! I can’t get real Superman ice cream. I can’t make a picture of it appear on my blog. YES, I DID! It’s depressing. Where I live, people are not familiar with Superman ice cream. I can’t take pictures of it. It is multi-colored and mystery-flavored. It is designed for kids. There are food stores in the mall.

Did you notice that that last sentence was an irrelevant detail? Do you think that you could generate relevant details all by yourself, if I gave you a topic sentence? Let’s try it!  Here is the topic sentence:

Personal hygiene is important.

Your turn.  Let’s try for three relevant details, in complete sentences. I’ll give you an example, and a non-example.

Relevant detail: If you wash your stinky places every day, your friends will enjoy your company more.

Irrelevant detail: Dogs.

Now it’s really your turn.


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