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Wheelchair Event #2! March 15, 2012

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That’s right, I have surpassed my previous impressive accomplishment of having a kid taken out in a wheelchair (fine within an hour).  Yesterday, I got me a second one! This individual scored some mean instant karma, having snagged someone’s bag o’ chips at lunch.  Apparently, he and a few others started lapping the cafeteria, when he fell on the stairs and was rendered unable to get up…Back in my classroom within an hour (this sounds familiar), he was miraculously restored to his previous ability of chewing up small balloons and shooting them across the room.  The amazing recoveries! Inspiration! My room is a veritable Baptist revival meeting (with the added color of some good old fashioned cussing)!


Amazingly, this one arrived at school today, completely intact, ready to join the track team that we don’t have–so committed to sport that he managed to attract five or six of the least savory characters we’ve got, and began training in earnest. Rules, schmules! I may have shed a tear or two in the face of such pure dedication.

Junior Olympic athletes are allowed to tell their coaches to f— off, right? Pretty sure I’ve heard that.



2 Responses to “Wheelchair Event #2!”

  1. truly….this leaves me chomping for more details…. is chomping an Olympic sport yet!?

  2. […] Wheelchair Event #2 came along, starring another of my dedicated young scholars.  The good news is, this young man has […]

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