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Conversations with People Who Don’t Get You March 20, 2012

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You: “Hi!”

PWDGY: Wearily, “Hello, (adds a syllable to your name).”

You: “Here, look at the product of extensive, dedicated labor and intelligence!”

PWDGY: “Yeeeeaaaah. It’s okay. But really it needs to be more like this.”

You: “More like what now?”

PWDGY: “I’m not sure. Just not as mediocre as this. Don’t forget how much you used to suck at virtually everything! I’ll never forget that. AND remember when this thing that never happened happened? Thank goodness you learned such valuable lessons from THAT non-occurrence!”

You: “Um, yeah. Well, thanks for reminding me that all those people who tell me I’m awesome are just so cute and silly!  Thank goodness you pulled me back from the edge of feeling good about myself–that was a close one!”

PWDGY: Sighing, “Okay.”


2 Responses to “Conversations with People Who Don’t Get You”

  1. just laughed. then sighed.

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