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Unwritten Comments March 26, 2012

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Actual comment:

Eustachia has the potential to be a successful student.

Unwritten comment:

Eustachia lit a stick of gum on fire, preventing her from completing her essay.

Actual comment:

She struggles with grade-level grammar.

Unwritten comment:

When I extinguished the flames, she told me to “F— off ! That gum was mines!”


Actual comment:

Skippy has lost some instructional time due to his interest in his school supplies.

Unwritten comment:

Skippy practiced three-pointers into the garbage can with sixty-three pencils, halting all instruction until he was removed by a large adult. Again.

Actual comment:

Ronald’s effort has improved this semester!

Unwritten comment:

Ronald actually returned one homework assignment!


Actual comment:

Victor often seems a bit tired in the mornings, which is affecting his progress in writing.

Unwritten comment:

Victor snores and drools through morning lessons daily.  Upon awakening, he does not remember how to spell his name.


Actual comment:

Biff is an energetic and athletic young man.  He should, however, restrict his physicality to gym period.

Unwritten comment:

Biff races through the halls, knocking children to the floor and advising adults to do inappropriate things to themselves.






2 Responses to “Unwritten Comments”

  1. Erica Says:

    I just laughed so hard at the “gum was mines”, I spit my iced tea….Love you!!! So hilarious….

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