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Curl Your Lashes and Hop on a Log! April 18, 2012

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Apparently, there is a sale on lash curlers at Lancome online, so many of you readers may want to abandon ship here and hop on over there, because it is a FLASH sale.  I don’t know how Lancome figured out that I should know about each and every Flash Lash Curler sale (Hey! Maybe “Flash” stands for f—ing lash curler! That would make way more sense).

But that’s not why I came here today—not to discuss the overwhelming crapitude of the overwhelming majority of my inbox. I came to share inspiration from the mouths of babes.

When things get super explosive in the classroom, I like to take out one of my favorite missives ever received.  It goes something like this: “Dear Ms. Peachy and Ms. Teachy, Y’all is some nice teachers. I don’t care what those other people say.” You can see why I am on such an ego trip.

Let’s look at another example of the result of my outstanding instruction.  In this case, the student was responding to a written prompt: “Write a travel log about a trip you would like to take.”  Her response? “If I had to travel on a log, I would go to Washington.” She does not specify whether she would be logging to Washington state or Washington, DC.  I like to think she meant the latter. I wish that I had the photoshopping abilities to create some nice snapshots of her at the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, all with her trusty log.  I’m getting a little misty just imagining it.  But then I just got less misty when I imagined her being detained for violating the log ban imposed on the city.  They had to, after one too many battering ram incidents with ten-year-old travelers like my articulate young lady.  At some point, I know, I will have to come to terms with the fact that her dream must be deferred.  She’ll probably be just as happy with an f—ing lash curler.


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