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Inspirational Masking Tape Affirmation May 7, 2012

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This is a piece of masking tape I found on a desk today.  I know, it’s illegible in the photo, but I had to prove that I am not making this stuff up.  He wrote this while he was supposed to be completing some trivial academic task.

My student’s message to himself:  “Eduicon + collage equals good job.” I read this, “Ed-oo-ick-on.”  With a second possible pronunciation: Ed-Jew-ick-on.” I think that it is a hip convention for future collage artists looking for good jobs.  Don’t get me wrong–I am always harping about the importance of getting an eduicon.  Add the ability to throw together a good collage on top of it? The sky’s the limit!! This kid may be the next Tony Robbins.  I may just have all my students write inspiring notes to themselves about exactly what it is they should be focusing on.  Except for the fact that it could decline quickly into a profanity spelling bee, which they have mastered nicely.

I know! Masking tape collages!  Excuse me while I change my lesson plan.


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