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Presto! I’m a microfinancier! May 16, 2012

Yup! My Citi Thank You card has been compromised! Gasp! A hundred and fifty bucks on iTunes. Thank You indeed! You’re welcome!

And you are especially welcome for the minor expenditure at Capital Sweets. Something like that. When I googled it, it looks like it’s a place where you can get Samosas.  Being a samosa fan, my heart started to soften a bit toward my credit card info thief.  Indian food could corrupt anybody.

As for the iTunes, this could be the make or break as far as my benevolent benevolence goes, toward my samosa-loving fixer-upper.  Assuming that we are purchasing music only (a big assumption, I know–relax), the choices are key.  Have I subsidized great stuff, or pure crap? “House” music? No. Hair Metal? No. Talking Heads? Thumbs up! A cappella stuff? Interesting.  Lucinda Williams? Uh-huh!

“Early Fraud Department” did a nice job for me, noticing that I had not previously been in the habit of purchasing samosa with iTunes, and leaving me lots of Stepford Wife sounding messages to alert me of my new status as microfinancier of a criminal.  They seemed surprised when I said thank you…Apparently, some people get pissed off at them when they let them know that someone bought samosas with their money.  But they are covering it, so what’s to get upset about? Just spreading the love around, man.

Craziest coincidence? I had Indian food last weekend.  You know I had samosas.



3 Responses to “Presto! I’m a microfinancier!”

  1. girlygirl Says:

    Did you steal your own credit card?

  2. javaj240 Says:

    This is ridiculous….how much we have in common….I have been reading your archived blogs and could have posted on pretty much all of them…but this one…well, I just could not let it pass me by….I, too, love Lucinda Williams and Talking Heads, but it was the samosas that made me “post reply”… Love, love, love a good samosa. Now if you tell me that your standard order includes chicken tikka masala and saag paneer then we may need to have DNA testing, lol!

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