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The Perfect My Little Pony Party May 21, 2012

I was over at the Bad Parenting blog, brushing up on my skills and comparing birthday parties–

I must say, however, that the supposedly sub-prime cooking party I read about was beyond my scope,  especially since I have two boys.  But it did remind me of one of the crowning glories of my history of birthday party attempts: the My Little Pony themed party that I threw last summer for my 20-year-old son.  I HIGHLY recommend waiting until such an advanced age to pull out the stops on themed centerpieces, etc., because that was one surprised geek being celebrated all in pink, a My Little Pony pastel action scene in all its splendor on the cake.

When  you wait until your kid is in college to buy the metallic spiral doodly-doos, no one has a meltdown or asks to take a pinata  home in order to soothe their wounded feelings.  College boys have very low expectations.  This fact is pure magic.  A great big pizza?  “Oh my God! Awesome! Thank  you!” Yes, one day, these will be your children.  Ice cream AND cake? “This is, like, really REALLY good.  Thank you!!” They all wear their stupid party hats and thoroughly appreciate the humor inherent in the wearing of a My Little Pony hat.

After the feast, everyone sits around and takes turns playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii with little seven-year-old brother.  After awhile, they drive themselves away to go see a movie.  It’s all so colorful and dreamlike.

People love to say, “(insert any age here) is such a great age!” Twenty. Twenty is a great age.



3 Responses to “The Perfect My Little Pony Party”

  1. lauriejlong Says:

    When I saw the words “My Little Pony” and “son” in the same sentence, I giggled and clicked. Why? Because my 5 year-old loves “My Little Pony.” He used to admit it (like three months ago) but now he gets all flushed and is insistent that he does not love the show (but he would have an absolute conniption if I erased it on the DVR). I like this idea. I am reserving it for 9 years’ time when my oldest boy turns 20. I am sure it will be a hit.

    I can’t wait to read more of your blogs!

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