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The Nerd Factory vs. Those Sassy Amish July 3, 2012

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Lowlight: Threw on what I’d like to think is a sassy black maxi skirt.  In a moment of religious fervor, threw on a pair of black athletic clog/slides to run some debris out to the trash can.  Caught sight of my reflection in a window, and realized that I have become a flipping Amish woman.  Hitching up my buggy as we speak, prepared to donate all actual sassy clothing to Goodwill. Call me Nouveau Amiche.

Highlight: Today we went to the library—it’s on our “Summer Fun!” list on the fridge!  Thank God for the cheap and repetitive entries on the “Summer Fun” list.  My eldest son will be a senior in college; his bro is eight and his biggest fan.  As a result, the two of them have a far deeper understanding of the world of comic books and graphic novels than I ever hope to develop.  As a teacher of many students who possess limited literacy at best, far be it from me to give my own kids a hard time over their reading choices.  Big Boy is a reliable screener for comic book content, anyway, so I am not practicing heavy censorship here.   Besides, Little Boy tends to report when things stray from the straight and narrow, as when he reflected on a recent Pokemon graphic novel: “This is way more violent than the TV show,” when, apparently, there was some decapitation of Pokemon going on in there.  That’s the risk you run when you turn kids loose on books.

All risky business aside, it was a tender moment this afternoon, when I looked up to notice that we were all sitting in the living room, lost in our respective tomes.  I thought to myself, with pride, “I am a freaking Nerd Factory.”

If, for some reason, you still labor under the illusion that it’s not awesome to be a nerd, you are clearly not a part of a community of self-proclaimed “nerdfighters” known as “nerdfighteria.”  To find out more, you should explore some of our favorite You Tube video bloggers, Vlogbrothers. They are the originators of the whole nerdfighter movement and they have carried me through some dark days as an educator by providing hope that there are good, funny, smart people out there and they aren’t giving up.  Start with a silly little synopsis,  How to be a Nerdfighter.  You will see why I am happy to be raising nerds in a reality TV wasteland.



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