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Girl Stuff–Gentlemen, Read At Your Own Risk August 15, 2012

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There’s nothing quite like your GYN inquiring as to whether you still have your regular visits from “Aunt Flo” to make  you feel young and spritely. Fan-frickin-tastic.

I am riding on a couple of stellar days (no reference to the Perseids, of which I viewed zero).  My big kid left for his senior year of college, AND I got to visit my above-mentioned doc, so that I can check “girl stuff” off the list of severe, flesh-eating conditions that I may discover are coursing through my body on any given 3:30 in the a.m. It’s what I like to refer to, affectionately, as an Ibu-day. You can insert your pain relief of choice to personalize it, if you like.

As the workplace Candy Ma’am, I dole out ibuprofen by the handful, and my coworkers are well aware of my cycles, as evidenced by my face taking on a look similar to our pretend migraine sufferer here.  Also by my “special little purse” that hovers precariously close to qualifying as a fanny pack (horrors).  It’s so discreet there–my colleague with the voice that carries approximately the length of a football field is perfectly cool with hollering at me from the copy room, “Hey, Peachy, you got your period? I see you have  your little purse!”  Why, YES, I DO, friend, and yes, I do, young male student walking by on his way to the bathroom, and thank you for asking! This year, we have to get way more professional, and go with the Aunt Flo code.

Take your time winding down, summer. Take your time.



10 Responses to “Girl Stuff–Gentlemen, Read At Your Own Risk”

  1. WSW Says:

    I’m sorry to tell you, but Aunt Flo is not code because everyone knows what it means. I used to go with, “I have a g***mn migraine and a raging case of the uglies” which seemed to warn people off any further interaction pretty effectively.

    Just wait til you have to tell them you’re having a hot flash…

  2. javaj240 Says:

    OMG…too funny! You ought to put a sock in your purse and delicately stuff it in your coworkers mouth. Some folks have zero understanding of personal space!

    • peachyteachy Says:

      No, this colleague is awesome and she knows she has permission to invade my personal space at any time! She is one of the people without whom I would be in danger of homi/suicide on a daily basis.

  3. good2begone Says:

    I took the risk…..funny! Still glad I’m not a woman.

  4. rebecca2000 Says:

    Ahh when men get nosy I just ask them if they want a tampon too. 😉 They laugh and get “flushed” and then we are done.

    I love your blog. I hope you take the time to visit mine. I am looking for blogger friends to support and be supported by. 🙂

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