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A Labor-Intensive Award August 22, 2012

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Tell Me About Yourself Award

Tell Me About Yourself Award…

Ms. FurFiles herself has nominated me to tell you more about the mysterious world of Peachy.  Thank you, and now I will have to kill you. This award is, apparently, seven-themed.


1. I was a member of a 4H Knitting Club at the age of ten.  There was nothing remotely trendy about knitting at that point.

2. I was detained in a police station when I was caught riding in a car driven by my teenage friend who possessed a learner’s permit, but no license.  It was fun.

3. I love to make risotto.

4. Fave actor: probably Robert Downey, Jr. Cuz I like those healthy ones. . .

5. I love the movies “The Big Lebowski” and “O Brother Where Art Thou”–go Coens.

6. Huge “Twin Peaks” fan.

7. Salmon and tuna make me throw up. My recovery requires Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese.

PART TWO: This is like that blessing hanky from Jesus that comes in the  mail for you to send on to others in need of blessings.  If you just do it in spirit, I will understand. I don’t know about the folks in corporate Tell Me About Yourself HQ.

Blogs that I read and recommend:

1. Snarkyinthesuburbs is hands down hilarious

2. The Kitchen Slattern Speaks   has assured me that, if ever invited to my home, she will arrive with wine and no kids. So, yes, an etiquette blog.

3. Sparkling By the Way’s Blog Pets, kids, unorthodox driving, and a little musical theater from time to time.

4. Stuff Kids Write As a teacher, this stuff keeps me going.

5. The Pharisee in Me  Refreshing stuff from a recovering holier than thou chick (Willow, I may not have that exactly right), and you might see a deer saran wrapped to the top of a car.

6. Spice of Life– this chick has parents who go by the monikers Falafel and Hummus.  What more do you need? Never mind that these items also make me puke.

7. clotildajamcracker is awesome and weird and I love her writing.


10 Responses to “A Labor-Intensive Award”

  1. Congratulations on winning such a prestigious award and for sharing my blog with your readers. I’m sorry that falafel and hummus make you puke. Hopefully, you don’t have that same reaction reading my posts 🙂

  2. WSW Says:

    I thought I’d already been invited to your home, which probably goes a long way toward explaining the presence of “that creepy-looking woman with the big box of wine and the tame ferret” on your block these past few weeks. In any case, now that we’ve got that cleared up, let me thank you for the spotlight and commend you for having a strong enough stomach and a malleable enough sense of decency to hang around my seizure-inducing little corner of the blogosphere. I am constantly amazed that smart, sane, funny people such as yourself (well, OK you’re the only one) visit more than once — and that you haven’t blocked me from your site.

    Well done on the award. Keep swinging!

    • peachyteachy Says:

      Thanks for the priceless image of you, your box of wine, and your ferret. I have to go into my 90 degree classroom today to prepare for the inevitable, and that may help me make it through. And by that I mean that I will be stopping on the way in to buy a box of wine.

  3. H.E. ELLIS Says:

    I love that you were a knitter. I was a ballerina. We rock, sista!

  4. I’m addicted to lists of all kinds, and yours are terrific!

  5. I don’t know why I am just reading this now. I thought I subscribed to your blog. I’m slow sometimes. And I can’t keep track of anything. Love Robert Downey Jr. Looking forward to checking out your fav’s! You were in knitting club, I was in recycling club. I think that makes us at least friends. 🙂

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