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Funny, Funny Humor Rules. It’s Funny. September 15, 2012

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Number 3. Number 3. Number 3.

I love it when my friend calls to tell me she is coming to kidnap me to attend a surprise birthday party for another friend that I truly never see anymore.  We are not going in time for the SURPRISE! thing, mostly because our merely showing up will be such a shock that we thought it would be best not to trigger any cardiac events.

I hate it when websites that I use all the time, to pay bills and such, announce that they are streamlining and making it all so much easier for me!  The subtext of this is as follows:

“Hello! We really want you to have such a tough time navigating our new and improved website that when you get so frustrated that you give up, you will forget to pay your bill and we can assess a disproportionately large late fee, enabling us to pay our fabulous I T Department for having pissed off thousands of customers like you! ”

I love/hate it when I read one of those Daily Posts on the Freshly Pressed page, down below the Pressed people, and the topic is humor blogging.  It was kind of suggesting that there are ways to be funny, and there are no-nos—things like not knowing how to pluralize the word “no-no.”  There was allusion to a magical principle of comedy becoming more comedic with the deft application of the Golden Three, where the writer woos the reader by incorporating some version of concept repetition in threes.  This may be true.  I don’t know that I will build my humorous house on the idea.  It makes me happy to write and make fun of crap that is not funny, often.  I also enjoy writing about random stuff that I think is funny, but that most folks just don’t.

I love that I have found a handful of smart, funny bloggers who get a kick out of it too, sometimes. See how I wrote the word “funny” in the title THREE TIMES?! Hot damn! That WAS funny! I stand corrected, WordPress.  Oh, and I apologize for not crafting a more cohesive and satisfyingly flowing blogpost here.  Do I really need to discuss the website issue, or would it be less self-indulgent if I removed it?

I also apologize for the unsatiated feeling that you are having right now, due, no doubt, to the fact that I wrote FOUR “love, hate, love-hate, love” components.  Be patient.



13 Responses to “Funny, Funny Humor Rules. It’s Funny.”

  1. why am I here in a handbasket? Says:

    I think you’re damn funny, funny, funny.

  2. WSW Says:

    Just keep playing by your own rules, or follow my example and throw them all out. Of course that road leads to places you may prefer not to go, such as night court, the office of your local bail bondsman or the waiting room of Dr Feelgood. On second thought, scratch that no rules business and stick to yours.

  3. rossmurray1 Says:

    I use The Three often, and most of the time it works like an Our Father and two Hail Marys (whatever the hell that means). It can be a pretty lazy crutch, though, if overused. (Fun fact: Lazy Crutch won the Kentucky Derby in 1947.)

  4. H.E. ELLIS Says:

    Two of my favorite bloggers got Freshly Pressed, and they said it was the worst experience of their lives. Way too demanding to keep up with all the attention.

    I am not sure how they choose the blogs for that anyway. I clicked on one once that hadn’t posted in over a year. I think they drop seed on the ground and let chickens do the work.

    • peachyteachy Says:

      I fully agree with javaj240 about the experience of having a handful of like-minded bloggers—and it’s taken a while to build that little circle. It’s always curious to read some of the “guidance” posts by wordpress. “Be sure to check yur spelling,” that kind of thing.

  5. javaj240 Says:

    I read that, too. It made very little sense to me. I’m glad it got you worked up, though.

    Funny post!

    FP is what it is. It doesn’t matter what the “rules” are. Good is good. Funny is funny.

    I get your references! And your humor. And you get mine. I, too, would rather have 3 people whose work I like read and comment on my writing. Obviously we’re weird, but you knew that already, right?

  6. […] I am unaware? I heard from some wise, unidentified sage, that  humor was often delineated in the arena of 3. Obviously, I have yet to master this elevated skill, although my student has some inkling. […]

  7. […] (fresh or otherwise), you may know that I have waded in the no-no waters before. I have ignored  The Funny Rules and practiced abysmal Twitter.  I don’t tag nearly as thoroughly as some of my fellow […]

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