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Not Funny, But Lovely September 24, 2012

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All I want to do today is to share a beautiful post written by Lynne Knowlton–the one with the treehouse. Dear Cancer, I HATE you and I THANK you is a must-read if you love real. It is a must-read if you have been impacted by cancer. It is a must-read if you are feeling numb.

I lost my dad three years ago this summer.  Cancer brought him to a hospice residence that was the most beautiful place he had ever lived. He thrived there, far longer than he “should” have, because he was so loved and appreciated there.  For these things I am grateful.  But my son still cries at bedtime, wishing that he could have just a little more time with his grandparents.



2 Responses to “Not Funny, But Lovely”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. It is so sad that your son cries at bedtime….and yet…I get it. It is hard to believe that beautiful souls grace this earth, and then they leave it. We are left standing…wondering….how can the sun still rise? How dare it? And yet, it does. I learned something about grief, when I lost my Dad. Grief never goes away, it just changes. It is pretty incredible that your Dad was sooooooo special, that he is still loved and missed by so many. Big epic hugs to you and your family. Much love, big love….Lynne xx

  2. javaj240 Says:

    Thanks for the link to this post. It was great. Funny. Sad. Heartfelt. And truthful.

    Also, I made the Weighty Watchy pumpkin muffins you told me about. They were good. Nice and moist! I just have to figure out the “crumbs”, then they will be almost exactly like the DD muffins!

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