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Peachy And The Purple Pen September 27, 2012

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There are times when one needs a Valium, a trip to Fiji, a pitcher of margaritas.  Or an independently wealthy benefactor to finance all three.  In lieu of these, sometimes, one receives, delivered by a student from another classroom, an envelope containing a purple pen.

There are times when this is enough.

Despite the presence of soul-sucking dementors in my place of employment, I am also surrounded by magical, purple pen-weilding defenders of my sanity.  For these fellow warriors, I am so grateful.

I shall also gratefully accept any independently wealthy benefactor who seeks a worthy cause. . .


8 Responses to “Peachy And The Purple Pen”

  1. A purple pen is worth a thousand purple words… or something.

  2. javaj240 Says:

    47-year-old women will love it, too. It will mean getting out the cheaters, but you’re worth it!

    What is the significance of the purple pen? Is it like a chain letter? Are you expected to send one in return? Was it anonymously sent? Like from a secret admirer? Is it something you and your coworkers do to brighten up each other’s days?

  3. valleygirl96 Says:

    Purple pens are my absolute FAVORITE color of pen to grade essays with! It’s the perfect color: not too threatening, like red; not too girly like pink; not too much like the kids’ writing like blue. Glad I have a soul sister of color out there!

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