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Tag! You’re It! September 29, 2012

I have found, when I am reading blogs, that I can be swayed by a mere random tag.  I have followed blogs based on tags alone. I am not really interested in the tags that will drive traffic (why is the blogosphere so reflective of car culture?); I like weirdness when it comes to tags.  Why, I asked myself earlier this week, has it never occurred to me to tag my work as “bullshit,” as blogsister Ambling and Rambling did? It’s because I like randomness, but I don’t think of tagging anything as “randomness” either. TheFurFiles remembers, all the time.

“Satan’s microwave” is one of my favorite tags, from my post about making Caprese Salad .  Tags referring to cured meats? Magic. 

Are there ethical questions surrounding tagging? How random is too random? Could I legitimately tag a  post as “Area 51” and go on to write about my classroom? Wait. Bad example.

“Quilting” with no quilt?

“Ultimate Cheesy Goodness” with no cheese?

“Trouble in the Middle East” with a Prince clip?  It turns out that Prince clips have all been hijacked, so no worries there! Sinead shall be called into service.

I think that I need a tagging tutorial.  Also one about tag sales, please.




11 Responses to “Tag! You’re It!”

  1. A friend of mine told me yesterday that I am “overtagging” stuff – in Instagram anyway. What’s wrong with twenty tags about cats LOL? cat, kitty, kittycat, kittycatcat, catsandmorecats, kitten, ilovecats, mustgetacat… I need that tutorial too!

  2. I came up with what I thought was a clever way to multitask. I tried shaving…(my face) while sitting on the toilet. The idea backfired…(no pun intended)… because my boxer shorts ended up full of tiny, prickly hairs. When I did a post about it, wordpress suggested ‘sitting on the toilet’ as a tag. Well of course I hit that button. Then I got curious and in the topics I typed in ‘sitting on the toilet’ and there was my post. On the ‘sitting on the toilet’ topic wall. And guess what? Not many new posts showed up there, so I sat… ha… on top of the ‘sitting on the toilet’ wall for weeks before my post vanished. I just thought I would ‘pass’ this along. Good post.
    Also, if you do a post about unicorns pooping rainbows, you will get people hitting your tags just about every day forever.

    • peachyteachy Says:

      Love it. I think the post that has the most hits is one I wrote called “The Perfect My Little Pony Party.” It gets a lot of attention on Pinterest (well, for me), I’m guessing by folks who never looked at it, because it is about when I did a MLP theme party for my 20-year-old son. I feel a little bit guilty, but it was a pretty perfect party.

      • I thought my post on unicorns was a very serrious look at the strange rumors that have built up around these mythical creatures… with just a little bit of farce and some funny Photoshop pictures… but you never know what people are going to like. I get visitors following some pretty strange tags and search terms.

      • peachyteachy Says:

        True story: in my class yesterday, while discussing the word “unicellular,” pointing out that ‘uni” means one, as in unicycle, which has one wheel, a kid said, “And unicorn–it has one corn.” You probably addressed the corn thing in your own research.

      • I am asamed to say I missed that one. But that’s funny. You gotta love kids.

  3. javaj240 Says:

    I think I actually stole the bullshit tag from “whyamihereinahandbasket”, LOL. It fits, though, because most of my posts are about normal, everyday bullshit.

  4. rebecca2000 Says:

    I often throw in random tags to see if anyone reads them. Of all the viewers I have, only two have ever noticed.

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