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Credit Cards: Prophylaxis against Boringness October 5, 2012


Wait.  What is up with the TV commercial where the guy has the chick break up with him (telling him he’s boring); then he gets the credit card that enables him to become un-boring—which means he goes to a gallery with a picture of Marilyn Monroe, has Giada DeLaurentiis feed him a bite of food, and goes to an Alicia Keys concert where he has his picture taken with what one must assume is a cardboard cutout of Ms. K?

What a playah!  When relating to actual humans doesn’t work out, chasing celebrities may indeed provide a less risky path. Although a guy might  manage to draw an order of protection or two, if the trend holds.

Arguably, credit cards do change lives.

This may be why I am so fond of old-school advertising.

See? They’re not boring.

Still, lest we forget. . .


3 Responses to “Credit Cards: Prophylaxis against Boringness”

  1. rebecca2000 Says:

    LOL love these commercials. The lady in the second acted just like Sally Field in Gidget.

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