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Differently Abled Phones November 1, 2012


Back when I had a phone that was underachieving (we shouldn’t say that phones are not smart–they are each smart in their own special way), I had a charming rendition of that song from the film “Juno” as my ringtone.  “Anyone Else But You.” Now that my phone is smart, I have the wireless company ringtone. And the phone constantly tells me that it has no memory left.  I think that it is rubbing off.  It is making me stupider and less able to remember things.  It’s not an i-phone. I have a kid in college.

And yet, despite all of my phone’s  faults, I can usually place a phone call.  I particularly enjoy calling parents of my students right from my desk, which is, shockingly, less enjoyable for them.  I patiently tell them that, as a mom, if my son was behaving in the way that they had been, that I would want to know.  My moral mandate for parent phone calls.

There are a few snags in the parent phone call scenario, at least with my demographic.  If I worked in suburbia, I would have eleven contact pathways to parents.  Don’t get me wrong—I accumulate eleven different contact numbers by the end of the school year, but it’s a  process.  A process that sounds something like this: “The Cricket phone number that you have reached is no longer in service.”  Slightly better: the phones that greet one with graphic, f-bomb laden rap to soothe the weary soul, and then take your message, wishing that you may “Have a blessed day.” Just a small cathedral moment. It is quite spiritually uplifting. It makes one want to just go home and watch election messages on television.


One Response to “Differently Abled Phones”

  1. javaj240 Says:

    LMAO! I love the “Have a blessed day!” after the rap lyrics. So funny!

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