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Liebster Award Parade November 23, 2012

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Wow! Ambling and Rambling has honored me by nominating me for the coveted Liebster Award! Thanks! It’s another award icon that I can’t fit in my sidebar without kicking out the last pretty little award icon.  Clearly, my theme is driven by a “What have you done for me lately?” consciousness.

I must have really arrived as a blogger with this one, since its requirements include that I must tell, not seven, but ELEVEN fascinating things about me! In essence, then, it’s a fiction-writing challenge.

1) As a child, I used a shampoo called “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.” I really did. It really did.

2) I once owned a cat named Shrapnel.

3) I learned to swim in a big lake, not a pool.  I had to go to swimming lessons at 9:00 a.m. at aforementioned lake the day after having seen the film “Jaws” for the first time.   Pools still feel foreign to me–but I acknowledge the advantage of a guaranteed shark-free swimming experience.

4) I have never been on a cruise.  It’s not because of the sharks.

5) The internet thinks that I am a guy and that I might one day decide to explore the world of “enlargement.” If I were truly savvy about increasing my blog traffic, I would have stated that in much more direct terms.  But my readers are a subtle lot who can figure these things out without my naming genitalia.  Besides, that’s not my thing.  I leave that territory to Tracy, Fern, and Rebecca.

6) I am a committed recycler.  I have a “Recycling Deputy” badge to prove it.  And the garbage men just picked up the garbage—hoisting my two full recycling bins and dumping them into the garbage truck. I am livid. Had I known this, I would have either withheld my recycling til next week when they weren’t feeling so pressed due to the post-Thanksgiving catch up rush, OR I would have ditched a bunch of shit from the fridge without rinsing and disposing of the moldy contents.  I like to think that I would have done the former.

7) It’s really hard for me to come up with the blog list for this deal—I have a limited list of blogs that I follow, because I have a hard time keeping up with the prolific folks that I want to read.  Do other people really keep up with this stuff? Yet another argument for quitting my job. Also a pre-emptive apology if I re-nominate you and you are tired of this sort of thing.  It’s only because I love you. Or think that you are deliciously weird.

8) I suck at twitter. Sometimes, a couple of people will accidentally follow me.  Then they say to themselves, “Wow. She sucks at twitter.” And they unfollow me.  So I have approximately exactly seven followers.  If you want to follow someone who is unashamedly inadequate  at twitter, it’s peachyteachy5. I won’t hold my breath.  #Isuckattwitter

9) I used to alternate between three pseudonyms: Zippy the Chimp, Marlin Perkins, and Yassir Arafat.  When I say “used to,” I mean many, many moons ago.

10) I confess to having committed the federal crime of sending a matchbook through the mail.  Whilst posing as Marlin Perkins, most likely. Just another example of my wild, edgy life.

11) If the question is “Sea Monkeys?” the answer is yes. In a necklace.

But enough about me.

speaker7 is a new discovery for me–strange, funny randomness.

Christopher De Voss has done some interesting research, on Pringles and Uno, stuff like that. FYI: those names are registered trademarks. You’re welcome.

tracyfulks is out there. Which makes it more fun to be in here. Hilarious, often, but also crazy real at times.

hikingphoto –Gorgeous photography. I am partial to the outside kind.

So I Went Undercover is also new to me—a cooking blog, as far as I can tell—if you like to burn stuff.

The Kitchen Slattern Speaks is a wealth of health and unhealth. And funny.

The Fur Files Indescribable. I don’t know how this woman gets so much writing done.  She also scours the web to find the most disturbing images of the most bizarre subjects—all so that we won’t have to.

Stuff Kids Write As a teacher whose students write some crazy things ( see masking tape inspiration ), I probably get a disproportionately large kick out of this stuff.

nailsbails– just funny writing.

And, two of my favorite VIDEO BLOGS!  Like reading, only not. My joyful awareness of their existence I owe to my college-age son.

vlogbrothers I have mentioned these guys before, but if we’re in the season of gratitude, I am truly grateful that John and Hank Green are doing their thing : “nerdy to the power of awesome.”

charlie is so cool like Charming, creative, very popular young Brit You Tuber.


3 Responses to “Liebster Award Parade”

  1. speaker7 Says:

    Thank you for sharing the liebster. I also suck at Twitter.

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are in the midst of a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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