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Aluminum Is Our Friend November 29, 2012

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Isn’t aluminum a miraculous metal? Elementary textbooks would agree!  According to the book,  cans, window and bike frames, and cookware just wouldn’t be the same were it not for our friend, aluminum.  Inspiring stuff, I know! But this is nothing compared to my students’ extensive background knowledge of the immensely popular Aluminum Hat! “My uncle has aluminum! You make hats out of it!”

Sooo, YOU don’t have aluminum foil at your house, where kids and babies are happening,  but your uncle keeps it on-hand as a hat-making staple.  It’s not weird—it’s just a relationship with foil that I had not previously considered.

What I have considered is the fact that I should never keep foil on hand in my classroom.  Why? Two words: potential projectiles.  Two more words: mutant spitballs.

Now, when I think of an aluminum hat, I think of this gentleman:


Uncle Phil, sharing his wisdom with the next generation.


17 Responses to “Aluminum Is Our Friend”

  1. Hey, if you believed in chemtrails like I do, you wouldn’t be so harsh about the tin foil hats. They might actually work!! In the classroom, aluminum foil could be useful as a makeshift wall to separate your desk from the nearest virus and germ spewing savage.

  2. UndercoverL Says:

    Aluminum foil can give horrible “foil-cuts” (like a paper-cut only deeper and bloodier). This happens 83% of the time I use it. It is also good for sharpening scissors and hole punchers.

    • peachyteachy Says:

      I was just looking at the comments on this post and realized I had never told you how much mirth I got out of your 83% statistics for foil cuts. Also the notion that hole punchers can be sharpened. Is this true? Is it this activity that accounts for all of these foil injuries you sustain?

  3. WSW Says:

    I knew a guy whose cousin covered his testicles in foil to “jam the signal” from the transmitter the CIA had installed there. Good to know, huh?

  4. javaj240 Says:

    You have to go on eBay and look up aluminum hats. Hysterical.

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