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What Makes Teachers Laugh November 30, 2012

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It may not be for everyone, but it sure lightened things up for us today.


13 Responses to “What Makes Teachers Laugh”

  1. rebecca2000 Says:

    I shared this with my friend that has a sub coming for the first time on Monday. He has managed to go eight years without using one. He was laughing. Thanks.

  2. runoffwriter Says:

    Fan-freaking-tastic. Really don’t miss those days….

  3. LMFHO (laughedmyfuckingheadoff) May I reblog? I wish I was still a teacher so I could do that fer reals. It would make my career and then I could walk away (or get arrested). TOO much. Once again, Peachy, I bow to your comedic timing.

  4. Reblogged this on Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife and commented:
    Whether you are a teacher yourself, have one as a friend, or there’s one in your family, you need to read PeachyTeachy and watch the vid. As a former teach, I wish I could go back in time, do what he did, and walk away. Oh, the satisfaction. It would be SO worth getting escorted off campus by security.

  5. OMG My younger son has been forcing me to watch these guys videos. They are funny!

  6. javaj240 Says:

    I laughed my ass off… mainly because my name, apparently, is pronounced Ja-QUELL-in….. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! I actually love this show. Sometimes it’s silly, but it usually makes me laugh. Missed this one, though. Thanks for posting… Principal O’Shaugnessy… LOL!

  7. […] (pronounced “Dee-Nice” -see What Makes Teachers Laugh) has shown an interest in writing […]

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