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Very Inspiring Non-Canadian Blogger Award Recipient Sings “Oh, Canada!” January 6, 2013

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Wow! My French tutor of the blogosphere, Ross Murray of Drinking Tips for Teens has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. He’s not French.  He does live in Quebec, which is a chillier version of the same thing, as far as I can tell.  I read his blog because it’s funny.

Rule #1 Link to your nominator/foreign language tutor in your blog.  

Rule #2  Tell seven(ish) things about your awesome self.  Or make some crap up.  Or write some slightly true, Canada-themed drivel. 

1) Ross will be happy to know that, yesterday, I wore a Canuck business suit to work (Denim on top and bottom–jeggings do not count as denim).  Then I came home and changed into slightly less tight denim on top and bottom to go out.  I did not rock it full on, according to the Urban Dictionary, because I did not have a denim shirt on hand to go with the pants and jacket.  It was a T-shirt emblazoned with all of my New Year’s Resolutions across the front.

2) I have never lived in a state that does not border Canada.

3) Somewhere in my house, there is a Nunavut pen. Nunavut has the coolest flag ever. Look.

Nunavut also has a Coat of Arms that should be nominated for the Very Inspiring Coat of Arms. Look.  Is that a narwhal??? I can barely breathe.

Those images were found on the Wikipedia page linked above, image protectors.

4) I have driven in Canada.  A lot.  I still can’t do the conversions to buy gas, to avoid speeding, or to plan what to wear for the weather.  I could tell you a couple of places NOT to eat.

5) I have unsuccessfully attempted to see the film “Men With Brooms,” which is one in a string of feature films about the high stakes world of curling.  It’s been my secret New Year’s Resolution every year since it was released. Somewhere. Possibly in Nunavut.  Now I have to come up with a new secret resolution.  Thank goodness I have almost a whole year in which to plan.

6) I like keeping some Canadian money on hand. Why? Canada has fun currency! Loonies and toonies and better-than-Monopoly paper money!  It also makes cashiers uncomfortable. You find out the caliber of your cashier PDQ when you include some Canadian coins in your payment.

7) Next to my pile of Canadian cash, I like to keep a couple of tasty confections that one cannot obtain without an intimate conversation with the friendly folks at the border patrol.  Aero, Skybar, Coffee Crisp. Read about Canadian candy here. While none of these treats will ever replace Lindt as my go-to indulgence (any brand that is pronounced like something that can cause dryer fires, yet still makes one’s mouth water—you’ve got to respect that), it’s still compelling stuff when you are in line at the Canadian gas station, trying to figure out how many litres of petrol you’ve just pumped.

Rule #3 Share some blogs that you want to share. 

Life on Wry May have pioneered the first Salad-Named-After-a-Blog.  But it’s not a food blog.

Motherhood Is An Art artfully navigating raising some awesome little minis.

The Chubby Mermaid  My favorite blog written by a mermaid, hands down. A Southern Californian who periodically swings by my blog and reads, like, ten posts.  I can’t even read ten of my posts in one sitting.

Quickwittier Don’t expect to identify this one by the stick figure sticker in the rear window.

Finally, one very inspiring song by a Canadian:


26 Responses to “Very Inspiring Non-Canadian Blogger Award Recipient Sings “Oh, Canada!””

  1. quilt32 Says:

    What about my favorite Canadian singer, Gordon Lightfoot?

  2. rossmurray1 Says:

    Is it Canada Day? Because I just turned red! Holy cow (Canadian cursing), there’s so much to love in this post. Oh, and have you seen the new Canadian 20? It’s frikkiin’ plastic, man!

  3. Congratulations, eh? You know if it’s from Canada, it has got to be good.

  4. Says:

    Wow, I’m honored. Thank you so much for the award! Enjoying your blog!

  5. I haven’t been to Canada in about 10 years but had been there several times before! I know I have a wad of bills stashed somewhere for the next time I went…I need to go unearth it and look at it again…I don’t think I ever noticed what was on it…certainly not loonies and toonies! haha!!! Thank you so much for nominating my blog as well! I really appreciate it!

    • peachyteachy Says:

      Don’t get too worked up about cashing in your old currency. I had a fiver that was over ten years old, and the bank would not redeem it because it wasn’t in their Canadian Currency Photo Album. The one-time Canadian celeb depicted on the bill has apparently been replaced by some up-and-coming star.

  6. What’s up with Canada? Canadians seem to have taken over blogging as well as the music industry. I love Joni Mitchell, I didn’t know she was Canadian??? I know Michael Buble is, G Lightfoot too? Should we arm the border? Eh?

    • peachyteachy Says:

      Yes, Ms. Seashells, everyone is secretly Canadian. If we would just accept this fact, the crime rate in the States would probably take a nosedive. And Canada helped me learn that I hate B & Bs. A priceless lesson. Turns out I like to be an anonymous hotel stayer. Who are these people talking to me at breakfast? And what if I don’t like breakfast? God, it was complicated.

      • Geez don’t remind me of the time we stayed at a B&B in New Haven, CT and there were hundreds of DOLLS in every room. staring at us, staring at us. Staring. I had nightmares.

  7. Thanks for the lovely shout out. I’ve always thought Canadians are much like Australians (me) good sense of humour, no fuss attitude and you get the sense we are thought of by other countries as some sort of inbred cousin. They’ll tolerate us being around but we are not viewed as one of the cool kids. We will just have to gain world domination one blog at a time!

  8. tkmorin Says:

    Actually, would you mind if I re-blogged this post? I’m positive many would enjoy it as much as I do.

  9. tkmorin Says:

    Reblogged this on Bite Size Canada and commented:
    This hs to be one of the funniest blog award nomination acceptance you have ever read!

  10. almafication Says:


  11. seeker Says:

    Proud of CANADA, proud to be CANADIAN and I love BACON! Congratulations, eh.

  12. […] love me some Nunavut trivia. For more fascinating Canadiana, see also   Leave a […]

  13. The Nunavut flag and coat of arms arepretty rad, aren’t they?? 😀

    Wow! No way! You mean there’s no Coffee Crisp in the States??? O_O

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