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Happy Only Tuesday February 12, 2013

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When the student body infects the teacher body with the dreaded stomach bug, is it looking at the silver lining to think of it as a good day for (net) caloric intake?

Don’t worry; I waited until the kids were gone before practicing involuntary, temporary bulimia (minus the binge) in the garbage can in my class.

Also, I have not been struck by lightning. Unless you call a kid standing in the classroom doorway flipping the lights on and off for 40 minutes before he is escorted elsewhere “lightning.” With all the f-bombs he was dropping, I figured it was kind of like going to a club. And trying to read.


5 Responses to “Happy Only Tuesday”

  1. Katie Says:

    What a day…between your vomit and f-bombs, and my getting my rear end handed to me by a biting, spitting, SNOTTING, PK cherub…maybe we would have been better off at home today….

  2. Poor you! I used to get sick soo much, one of the reasons I don’t go near a room full of disease anymore. Feel better!

  3. UndercoverL Says:

    It is a good thing I am not a teacher. I can think of about 17 ways in which I would have verbally or physically assaulted the lightning kid. Silver lining the crap out of your stomach bug. The break I get from my kids when I have a migraine is like a mini-want-to-stick-an-ice-pick-through-my-eye-socket-vacation. Geesh, that makes my kids sound perfectly horrible. Meh, oh well.

  4. Well, well…it truly sounds like a lovely week! I’m glad you found that silver lining…it would have been hard for me to find it! Lightening kid sounds delightful!

    • peachyteachy Says:

      Yes, amazing. And we have a state site review for the next two days, which are Valentine’s Day and the day before winter break. Way to make one crawl into winter break!

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