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Honoring Our Fallen Animal Doctors May 15, 2013

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Yup, I dared to interrupt the Urban-Doodle-S-Marathon-For-The-Cure today.  The Cure for which my students search is the cure for having to think or put forth any perceptible effort that does not result in the destruction of someone else’s property–preferably mine.

Since we have been studying the American Civil War, including my fielding of the question, “Is there still war?”, I thought that I would bring up the approaching observance of Memorial Day (actually, a student had asked about  when it was, from a purely when-do-we-get-extra-days-off perspective).  A couple of kids thought it was about the Twin Towers, or possibly the Civil War, and then one came up with the memory of something.  I suggested that they might see veterans marching in a parade.

“OH YEAH! And the veterinarians were, like, in World War II.”

“Yes, we might see VETERANS of World War II.”

Another kid, who, predictably, had not listened to the previous child’s comment, then chimed in: “Aren’t veterans the doctors that take care of animals?”  You get the idea, a little, if you are picturing these comments occurring in some linear order, where one student raises a hand, shares while others listen, then another shares, etc.

But this is not what is happening in my little corner of the circus world. This is more like a circus/horror film with a nest of baby velociraptors, their razor-sharp, toothy mouths open at all times, letting out simultaneous high-pitched, nightmare-inducing sounds for hours at a time.  Even when I hand out the free snacks, the decibel level decreases only slightly, as the need to shoot baskets with apple cores kicks in, like a tiny little lobotomy, and all of the velociraptors leap and claw to the nearest garbage can.  Inevitably, this leads to the vicious babies tripping over one another, and responding to the slightest touch with angry lashing and gashing.

Someone has got to reconnect the power to that damned electric containment system.  Otherwise, I am not going to make it until the end of the year. And they are staging their own Civil War of the baby meat-eating dinosaurs, before my very eyes.


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6 Responses to “Honoring Our Fallen Animal Doctors”

  1. rossmurray1 Says:

    I remember learning the difference. It’s an important one. Good job, professor!

  2. UndercoverL Says:

    You are a brave– and possibly insane– woman. I envy– and possibly pity– your selflessness– and possible brain damage.

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