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Mittens, Smitten May 25, 2013

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When the gods smite someone, the implication is that this is a negative experience, possibly accompanied by thunderbolts and lightning.  

Queen fans, go. 

Things get problematic, though, when we move into other tenses.  Doesn’t it render one “smitten” if the gods smite one? Fortunately, another blog, Sesquiotica, has already done exhaustive investigation on the matter, and even refers to the Simpsons in the process.  I am not the only one who has considered the possibility of having been smitten, and felt a little trivialized by the term.  I didn’t have a crush on someone; I was being punished by the gods, for Gods’ sake!   

A couple of days ago, I re-blogged last spring’s post Sweat=Learning.  Next thing I knew, the temperature had plummeted, I was digging out gloves, and my idyllic long gardening weekend was on ice. Never MIND grilling, or assembling a lovely strawberry/blueberry/banana/whipped topping rendering of Old Glory.  Hence my perception that there was some smiting going on, along with a bit of cosmic chuckling at my expense.  If there was more food in my cupboards right now, I would be sorely tempted to make soup.  I am seriously contemplating sipping hot chocolate.  And I’m not talking about that blasphemous “frozen hot chocolate” that some self-satisfied ad exec dreamed up while vacationing in Fiji.

Still, even the most epic cosmic affront can have a silver lining.  

Here’s a super-fun fact! As I was roaming about the internet with ever-bluer fingers, I discovered that SMITE is an online game of battling gods! All kinds of possibilities open up, including the option of a lowly human doing some serious virtual smiting, from the comfort of her frozen couch.  I won’t, because I am afraid of someone in the online gaming community getting mad at me and exposing me as a Smite fraud.  But it’s cool! And check out the merchandise! That phone cozy is just the beginning.  Travel mugs and stay home mugs, key chains, pendants (for the SMITE-playing couples who have become smitten with one another whilst hurling thunderbolts through cyber-space). And here I thought that “smite” and “smitten” were unlikely bedfellows.  

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2 Responses to “Mittens, Smitten”

  1. I hope your fingers are no longer blue and you’ve warmed up by now. I must say that when you mentioned Queen, my mind goes more in the direction of Freddie Mercury.

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