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Keep a large, ugly coat handy—just in case June 26, 2013

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It’s summer again–time for a replay of my PSA persuading the world to ditch the ugly coat.


     So, there is this enormous coat that lives at my house.  It’s a man’s coat, worn by the man of the house on any day where there is a chance of freezing temperature or some possibility that he may be called away to the Arctic Circle on business.  It’s reversible, which is an iron-clad guarantee that we won’t be seeing it or any of its counterparts on the runway of Fashion Week anytime soon.  Except in Yakutsk.  The coat has resisted stepping aside gracefully in the face of not one, but two purchases of stylish and attractive outerwear.  Its pockets contain what amounts to a small Y2K kit and about seventy thousand minor receipts, presumably for the items in the doomsday prep outfit: gum, lighters, fun size candy bars.   You have figured out that this is not the coat of a fitness nut.

I am using today’s…

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4 Responses to “Keep a large, ugly coat handy—just in case”

  1. UndercoverL Says:

    Both DH and I have similar coats. I actually have one in black and one in white.

  2. rackofribs Says:

    Is it really blue? Because that would be more okay than if it was brown. Or camo. My husband had a sweater I called the vomit sweater. Because it looked like vomit. It did not get an appropriate tube-sock funeral. It snuck off in the night and was never seen again.

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