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Peachy and the Purple Pedicure July 27, 2013

Meet Peachy’s Purple Pedicure.

This is about as close to a “selfie” as you are ever going to see here.  Besides, I read a snotty piece of advice on some snotty piece of social media that no one wants to see your location by seeing your toes in the foreground.  Rebel that I am, I take that as a challenge.  I may even take a beach one, just to be beachy about it. It is ever-so-slightly artistic, seeing as how the pedicure is such an ephemeral event.


Here, Peachy’s Purple Pedicure plans dinner.  Don’t worry, no food was foot-touched.

Finally, Purple Pedicure pumps iron.

It’s no garden gnome, but it’s not a fish face in the bathroom mirror, either.


When Someone From a Distant Chapter Disappears July 25, 2013

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I grew up in a small town, but moved away early, returning on an annual basis, to see family, friends, and to enjoy vacationing in a big lake paradise.  I have a few good friends there, but we reconnect only via Facebook and, if we are lucky, during my annual trek home. One close high school and college vintage  friend I saw two summers ago, for the first time since she crafted her first baby.   Babies are now getting married.  Time is freaking me out.  They accidentally sent an AARP card to my house instead of a proper birthday card.

I don’t know most of the news that goes on back home.

As a result of this dynamic, people have begun to disappear.

I used to hang out, when I was a college student home for the summer, with a cool young couple that included a teacher from my high school.  It was sad when they divorced.  She moved away; he stayed, remarried, and had a family.  I visited him last when we both had an adorable five-year-old.  Those sweet children just finished college.  My friend, their dad, apparently died suddenly a couple of years ago.  I stumbled on an article from our hometown newspaper that referred to the event—sadly, but sort of in passing, as it had already been some time.

That news hit like a punch in the gut.  Emotionally speaking, as I don’t get in many gut-punching situations, and I don’t aspire to.  Still, my attachment is strong, to the notion of having people of my generation walking around and available for future reunions.  I can go to that place, then, but never that face.

His ex-wife, too, slipped away.

I’ve walked through the loss of both of my parents less than five years ago, and within fifteen months of each other.  It’s different and empty in all kinds of ways that jump out in front of me when I least expect it.

I remember my grandmother when she became very old, and the sense I had that she had lost most of her contemporaries, close and not-so-close.  I suspect that she never got used to it, that brief moment of shock and pain when it is remembered that someone isn’t there anymore.


Non-Organic, Non-Vegetarian, Non-Greek, Sort of Yogurt: My Favorite! July 6, 2013

This post is really intended as a celebration of the fact that I have discovered this magical phenomenon:

früt Up

Yeah! Never mind the obvious capitalization issues—I have become somewhat desensitized to that sort of thing—I can now legitimately enter the international world of special characters!!!  It’s a special, special, extra-peachy day.

But enough of my word processing celebration.  There will be plenty of time for that mañana.  I am actually here with the express mission of spreading the gospel of the früt Up yogurt, my new favorite snack/treat/indulgence!  Here’s why you should join me in the früt Up revolution.

1) It tastes super yummy!

2) The top part is fruity moussiness!

3) The bottom part is super smooth white yogurt!

4) You can mix it up or not.  Although I am a proponent of not mixing.  We can duke that out in the comments, if you want to argue about it.

5) Müller has joined forces with Quaker in an inspiring food partnership. You can read all about it here.  So trustworthy!

6) It contains some trace amount of a tilapia-based gelatin, which will eliminate the annoying competition for früt Up supplies with pesky vegans (and when I say “pesky,” my dear vegan readers, I mean that in the most affectionate way).  Everyone else, just simmer down. It will be okay.

7) It has 150 calories per serving, and no artificial sweeteners, which will eliminate the competition for supplies with the light/lite/sugar free/under 100 calorie crowd.   Ü can take a chill pill, too. I love you.  I just don’t want you taking the last lemon one.  Surely you can see that this is all for the best.

8) There are flavors.  The flavors include Peach Passion Fruit (ironically, not my favorite), Luscious Lemon (myeffing favorite), Blueberry Bliss (not available in my area YET), Splendid Strawberry, Radiant Raspberry, and Very Cherry (also not available here). Yes, they have taken the time to make them cute.

9) It’s not Greek, although they have a Greek product also, and I have nothing against a tasty Greek yogurt, as long as you are not trying to pretend that it’s mayo.

Peach Passion Fruit

I am going to complete this post so that you can run into the store and find some now.

P.S. I have not been compensated for this free advertisement.  I am not opposed to accepting compensation, including but not limited to: money, free yogurt.

I would also consider accepting an all-expenses paid trip to Curaçao.

The place, not the liqueur.


Even When the Sun is Not Shining, Spinal Tap Delivers July 3, 2013

hydrangea hosta fernMy garden is happy, because there’s been a lot of rain, and I am here every day to take care of it.  Some of my favorite stuff in the gardens are the foliage color and textural compositions.  These mobile images that I emailed to myself do not want to become larger within the post.  Apologies to my far more accomplished photographer/readers–advice graciously accepted. If you could see them better, you could see a lacecap hydrangea, a Japanese painted fern, and a little hosta called Golden Tiara up there.  Below, ferns are growing through a weathered bench.  I love that sort of thing as well. Shoot me, though, if I cross the line to wagon wheels and toilets planted with flowers.  I’m whimsical, but not that damned whimsical.


I freaking love flowers.  I am also a big fan of container gardens, especially ones with different things going on. In the blue pot below, I have these gorgeous Lemon Gem marigolds–they are so much greater than run-of-the-mill marigolds, because their foliage smells lemony, and the flowers are edible.  Amazing.  The big leaves are those sweet potato vines—I dug them out of the pots last fall and saved them over the winter.  It took awhile, but they are taking off now, which makes me absurdly happy.


Happy July Third, flower people.

In a slightly related note, I would like to propose that a new tradition be launched, in the spirit of the annual Thanksgiving playing of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant.”  July third listening of Spinal Tap’s “Listen to the Flower People” starts today! Share with your friends! Here we go.


Report Card Comments: End of Year Survival Report July 1, 2013

I wish that I could have included this video somehow in the final report cards of about eight of my students this year, because this pretty much captures their learning this year.  Eight kids who are making and shooting “paper hornets” on a daily basis has a pretty profound impact on the hygiene and learning of a classroom.  I believe that I have mentioned my students’ impressive ability to crease paper more effectively by spitting upon it.  They do not possess an overwhelming generosity of spirit, but they are really quite selfless when it comes to giving up and dispersing their saliva.

If you are new to Peachy’s report card comments, you may be picturing a pale suburban clientele, in which case you would be sadly misled.  Aren’t they adorable?

My class is a bit less enthusiastic. And if they all put their hands up like that, people would be losing consciousness within seconds. We don’t encourage that nonsense. No, mine are more like this:

But let’s get down to it—the bane of the educator’s existence.  The comments.  The comments I tackle here will tend to revolve around students for whom the teacher scratches her head for minutes on end, just trying to come up with one small piece of insight that offers a suitably hazy filter.  You don’t need any guidance to come up with comments for that class up there. . .Well, maybe that one with the Christmas bow in her hair.

We try to include some tidbit of data—this is really for the administrators, as parents really don’t have a huge interest in that numerical food by which we live and die.  Thus, in our nicely laundered comment, we may say something like this:

El Capitan is reading 120 words per minute.  He has mastered his multiplication facts through 5.  El Capitan should continue to read challenging chapter books and practice skip counting daily this summer.  Good luck in sixth grade!


El Capitan can sound out words but has no clue as to the meaning of what he reads.  This is especially apparent when he constructs “paper hornets” under his desk during reading tasks.  Although you have been unable to penetrate the force field surrounding the school this year, I have learned that the library is four steps away from your home, and people are permitted to borrow and read books from there. They have a lot of them.  Also, my dog can skip count by fives.  Step it up. GOOD LUCK in sixth grade. 

Slightly altered from reality:

LaShaw’na has demonstrated an interest in graphic design—this, combined with her expanding vocabulary, have resulted in a colorful social studies project during this marking period.  LaShaw’na has also developed a unique note-taking strategy.  Read, read, read! Good luck in sixth grade, LaShaw’na!


LaShaw’na embellishes her textbooks, her desk, her pantlegs, and her arms with the proper noun, “Bitch Ass.”  She consistently spells “Bitch Ass” correctly!  I am guessing that this is the given name of an older relative, first name “Bitch,” last name “Ass.”  It would be fantastic if Bitch Ass could spend some time reading with LaShaw’na this summer, as she tends to stare blankly when asked questions such as, “What happened in that last sentence we read?” Good effing LUCK next year!

Made up niceties:

Dennis has an affinity for physical fitness, the fine arts, and for word study.  I am confident that he will make his mark on middle school! Good luck in 6th grade!


Once, Dennis said the word “wheat” (pronounced “hweat”) three thousand times in the space of fifteen minutes. He has launched a small business selling transparent tape sculptures of zombies, and has clean-and-jerked a large table.  These activities have proven to be slight obstacles to learning, as the words get blurry when one is sprinting past the classroom door.  Remember, snack is not provided in the In-School Suspension room at middle school.  But the lunch is equally delicious! GLI6G!

Teachers everywhere, have a lovely summer.


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