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Non-Organic, Non-Vegetarian, Non-Greek, Sort of Yogurt: My Favorite! July 6, 2013

This post is really intended as a celebration of the fact that I have discovered this magical phenomenon:

früt Up

Yeah! Never mind the obvious capitalization issues—I have become somewhat desensitized to that sort of thing—I can now legitimately enter the international world of special characters!!!  It’s a special, special, extra-peachy day.

But enough of my word processing celebration.  There will be plenty of time for that mañana.  I am actually here with the express mission of spreading the gospel of the früt Up yogurt, my new favorite snack/treat/indulgence!  Here’s why you should join me in the früt Up revolution.

1) It tastes super yummy!

2) The top part is fruity moussiness!

3) The bottom part is super smooth white yogurt!

4) You can mix it up or not.  Although I am a proponent of not mixing.  We can duke that out in the comments, if you want to argue about it.

5) Müller has joined forces with Quaker in an inspiring food partnership. You can read all about it here.  So trustworthy!

6) It contains some trace amount of a tilapia-based gelatin, which will eliminate the annoying competition for früt Up supplies with pesky vegans (and when I say “pesky,” my dear vegan readers, I mean that in the most affectionate way).  Everyone else, just simmer down. It will be okay.

7) It has 150 calories per serving, and no artificial sweeteners, which will eliminate the competition for supplies with the light/lite/sugar free/under 100 calorie crowd.   Ü can take a chill pill, too. I love you.  I just don’t want you taking the last lemon one.  Surely you can see that this is all for the best.

8) There are flavors.  The flavors include Peach Passion Fruit (ironically, not my favorite), Luscious Lemon (myeffing favorite), Blueberry Bliss (not available in my area YET), Splendid Strawberry, Radiant Raspberry, and Very Cherry (also not available here). Yes, they have taken the time to make them cute.

9) It’s not Greek, although they have a Greek product also, and I have nothing against a tasty Greek yogurt, as long as you are not trying to pretend that it’s mayo.

Peach Passion Fruit

I am going to complete this post so that you can run into the store and find some now.

P.S. I have not been compensated for this free advertisement.  I am not opposed to accepting compensation, including but not limited to: money, free yogurt.

I would also consider accepting an all-expenses paid trip to Curaçao.

The place, not the liqueur.


6 Responses to “Non-Organic, Non-Vegetarian, Non-Greek, Sort of Yogurt: My Favorite!”

  1. WSW Says:

    But is it artisanal?

  2. Katie Says:

    I’m trying to decide if I want to fight you for the lemon, but I need some more info before I decide to take that brave step (something tells me I would lose)… When you say moussiness, does that mean not all nasty chunky? This is über important. Because chunky is nasty.

    • peachyteachy Says:

      YES! It is smooth as can be! If they don’t have it there yet, I suggest you write a letter to super trusted Quaker/Muller juggernaut and beg for distribution.

      • Katie Says:

        Alas, my grocer does not carry. Have no fear! I shall try the old people market in town. They have all kinds of cool things there. Oh, wait. That makes me sound like an old people. Oops.

  3. Miss Lou Says:

    Is Muller aware you have been campaigning for them? I’m sure they’d provide a carton of it.. lol then you can come back and let us know how wonderful it still tastes after consuming mountains of it. Sometimes I feel like my tastebuds are ruined by the artificial sweeteners because I try more natural options and everything taste so bitter.

    Of course if I cleanse for about a week and a half on juices made out of raw fruits and vegetables, it is all alot easier to swallow! (My taste bods have been detoxified!)

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