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Learning something new every day August 20, 2013

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I learned for the first time today the lyrics to the Grateful Dead song “Dire Wolf.”


In the timbers to fennario, the wolves are running round,
The winter was so hard and cold, froze ten feet neath the ground.
Dont murder me, I beg of you, don’t murder me. please, don’t murder me.



I’m wondering if these guys were on drugs.

<div style=”padding: 3px; width: 400px; text-align: center;”></div><a href=””>Lyrics</a&gt; | <a href=””>Grateful Dead lyrics</a> – <a href=””>Dire Wolf lyrics</a>


10 Responses to “Learning something new every day”

  1. javaj240 Says:

    I often wonder that same thing about Jimi Hendrix — I mean, what else could explain: “Hey, Joe! Where ya goin’ with that gun-a-yours? Gonna shoot my old lady down.”

    I think folks forget “gems” like these when they get all “worked up” about rap lyrics, LOL!

  2. I think you answered your own question about Jerry Garcia and company. Hey, musicians!

  3. Paula Says:

    Folk song about the extinction of the dire wolf possibly ?

  4. rossmurray1 Says:

    Try this weird wolfy gem:

  5. WSW Says:

    On drugs? Ya’ think? 😉

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