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Creating a learning environment, OR My post-apocalyptic classroom September 4, 2013

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Last week:

I am a friend of the custodians, really. I contribute to their holiday cookie tray and everything.  However, the shine on that relationship is a bit tarnished at the moment.  No cleaning pun intended.

First, the good news: I am changing classrooms! More specifically, I am teaching a younger grade level this year!  I am quite happy with this change, but it has led to some complications in the classroom preparations department.  School begins one week from tomorrow.  Our building opened for teachers to prepare their rooms TODAY.  I will be in workshops and unable to go in until Friday.  I am moving stuff from the old room to the new, different grade level room.

The reason for this delay is that the custodians were unable to clean the building any earlier.  Apparently, they have been directed to clean all surfaces very slowly, using cotton swabs.  As a result, I am poised to have the most minimalist classroom ever (yes, I considered that word choice carefully).

This week:

My classroom has evolved into its minimalist self. There is a calendar.

This is good news, when you consider the fact that there was every likelihood that this room was going to wind up resembling this:


The jarring reality is that the room has a fragrance reminiscent of nothing so much as the swine barn at the fair. This despite the painstaking, cotton swabbing, scrub-o-mania undertaken by the custodial staff.  Luckily, I know where the Febreze store is located.

Please pray for me, that my first day with students doesn’t resemble my anxiety dreams.

I thank you.


6 Responses to “Creating a learning environment, OR My post-apocalyptic classroom”

  1. javaj240 Says:

    I must have missed this post when I was busy doing my own cleaning. Congrats on teaching a lower grade level — hopefully things will go swimmingly for you this year!

    At least now I know where all of the cotton swabs that I continue to forget to buy are. LOL! That was one of the funniest lines I have ever read!

  2. peachyteachy Says:

    Thanks! I spray my rug daily with Febreze.

  3. Katie Says:

    I’m so happy that you are happy. What grade level now?

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