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Really, Truly, WTF Friday October 4, 2013

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Today, I asked my class of seven-year-olds to write about a time when something happened that caused them to feel a “strong feeling or emotion.”

One little boy wrote illegibly.  He struggles with reading and writing, but he tries so hard.  He related something that happened less than a year ago.  This is what he read to me:

“I felt scared when my dad was beating up all these people. They were fighting in the road and my dad got hit by a car and I never saw my dad ever again.”

Another boy wrote, “Once someone broke into our house and killed my brother. I felt so sad.”

Also today, a newspaper article revealed that our urban district’s teacher ratings were largely substandard.  We teachers, on the other hand, have yet to receive that information.

None of this makes a lot of sense at the moment.  No neat blogpost wrap up.


13 Responses to “Really, Truly, WTF Friday”

  1. rossmurray1 Says:

    Jaw on floor. How can you even respond to that?

  2. Amazing. Poor little angels. That’s the problem with standardized tests. They don’t hear those things. They don’t take those things into account. They just blame you, the teacher, when those kids can’t pass the tests. Seriously…what kind of world do we live in?
    Hug them up.

  3. Suzanne Seacord Says:

    Too sad . . . on too many levels.


  4. Katie Says:

    And what are we, as educators, as a society, doing to not leave those little ones behind? All you can do is hug, and screw the consequences.

  5. jo(e) Says:

    Heart-breaking. That’s why compassionate teachers like you are so, so so important.

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