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Special Effects on the Doc Cam! November 6, 2013

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This is my best friend at work, the document camera.  You place the paper up on the surface, and you can project all of your work as you do it.  In the olden days (for me, two years ago), you had to make a transparency of everything that you wanted to be able to show onscreen.  I don’t have a Smartboard, or even a computer that can support Flash reliably. Today, I used an “effect” in order to be able to view a magic board. I can’t explain what that is, except to state that there are metal shavings and magnets involved. And you write on it and it’s magic. It’s too dark to see on the screen (and by “screen” I mean the big piece of white paper taped to my chalkboard that masquerades as a screen each and every day).

There is an “effect” that does a little x-ray looking thing, reversing dark to light, etc. (the ultimate super hero power). When I put that thing on, it essentially sparked a full-on riot in my classroom.

Ever the fan of a good riot, I showed them the rest of the extremely limited menu of effects.  Suddenly, everyone was calling out,”It’s like the 80’s! It’s the 80’s!” I thought that perhaps I was missing some psychedelic situation on the screen, and they were confused in their decade identification skills.  Well, they were.  Except when I asked them what they meant, they all went bananas because the screen was all in black and white.

Like the 80’s.


2 Responses to “Special Effects on the Doc Cam!”

  1. WSW Says:

    Ah, the good olden days….

  2. javaj240 Says:


    What did you do next? Show them your prom picture? The one taken in front of the horse and buggy?

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