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My Easily Entertained Brain #1 January 12, 2014



What’s the coolest thing about having pancakes with real maple syrup?

It is very cool that dwellers of the sugar maple forest (once a destination on the Candy Land board, I think) figured out that they could make that watery sap into something by which they could tie on a sugar buzz in no time flat.

But the thing that makes me the happiest about this culinary experience is THAT EENSY WEENSY HANDLE on the glass bottle!!! How has that little jewel escaped the age of downsizing?  I don’t care how.   I will just continue to salute the perfection and minimal functionality that defines the maple bottle earring/handle for as long as it lasts. At the risk of sounding clichéd, THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT.




2 Responses to “My Easily Entertained Brain #1”

  1. Very timely, as I just opened a fresh bottle of organic maple syrup for hubs buckwheat pancakes, I too have marveled at the design of the little handle. LOL

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