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All in the Family–WordPress Style January 14, 2014

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Thanks to The Sailor’s Woman who nominated me for the WordPress Family Award! As far as I can tell, all that I have to do to comply is to list ten blogs that I enjoy. I don’t have to reveal my favorite grain (barley!) nor identify my choice in couch fabric.

I am also pasting the inspirational logo up top, just to cover my ass.

Since this is so low labor, I am going to bother some of my tried and true blogs that I do consider to be, in some sense, my WordPress family.

ambling and rambling Because we are almost exactly the same age even though I don’t know her age. We both remember 45 records that you could cut out of the back of cereal boxes. Yes, we are 23!

drinking tips for teens Because it’s funny and it’s Canadian.

enchanted seashells Because she’s a Renaissance woman like me. Except for the Chanel thing.

snarky in the suburbs Because it is required reading.

the fur files Because she posts super regularly and can be counted on for some disturbing images and some nice vids of her handsome son singing in his handsome voice.

lame adventures Because the lamer, the better.

The Kitchen Slattern Because she is one day going to show up on my doorstep with a bottle of wine.

That’s ten, right? Ten’s a big family.  This is more manageable.

Sorry.  If you wanted a math blog, you came to the wrong virtual doorstep.


9 Responses to “All in the Family–WordPress Style”

  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    Do your prefer your barley in liquid form? I have been eating whole grain cereal (full disclosure: they were on sale in my market’s organic department — 4 bags for $5) all month. One of the grains I got was barley. The taste is a cross between wood and slate. Not anything like a mug of suds.

  2. ksbeth Says:

    congrats to you )

  3. rossmurray1 Says:

    After the holiday binging, we’re probably the equivalent of 10. Thanks, Peach!

  4. javaj240 Says:

    Thanks! I will do the same. I’m better than you at math, though, LOL!

    For the record, I’m 48 🙂

  5. Amanda Fox Says:

    So glad to be part of your family. And who likes math blogs, seriously?

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