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Something New Every Day: Elephant February 15, 2014

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I am pretty sure that the school nurse does not have this one in her records.

During the course of a classroom discussion about a field trip to the zoo, one of my students casually informed me that he cannot go near  the elephants.   One would suppose that he was afraid of elephants, right? They are extra large.


“I’m allergic to elephants.”

In a suburban school, a teacher might suspect that the boy was pulling her leg or being a smart aleck.

However, if you work in a school that is a veritable casting call for the “Small World” ride at Disneylandworld, you tend to not bat an eye at such a statement.  I have many students who hail from environs that could support elephant interaction as an everyday occurrence, along with goat roasting and violent insurgencies.

Peachy: “Okay, no problem.”

AND, this is my disclaimer, that of course, elephant allergy is real and is no laughing matter.  And just to take it to the universal level, let it be stated that everything allergy is real and is no laughing matter.



6 Responses to “Something New Every Day: Elephant”

  1. then by all means stay away from elephants. cute pic.

  2. La La Says:

    Interesting. After reading this I looked it up and am learning a lot from NIH right now, but did take a break to watch a baby elephant scare himself after sneezing. It’s all a part of the experience.

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