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I inspire hypochondria April 4, 2014

Filed under: education,humor,school,teaching — peachyteachy @ 8:23 pm

Reasons to send kids to nurse’s office include the following:

Kid stayed home yesterday because he was sick and got his ear pierced and it hurt so he took it out so it hurts.

“My gut hurts real bad where he kicked it in gym.”

He  stole my pencil my stomach hurts real bad.

My grateful perspective is that no one made themselves puke on the floor to get out of work. Search the archives. It happened.


6 Responses to “I inspire hypochondria”

  1. Well, the glass half full part of me thinks at least they are somewhat creative??? Somewhat…

  2. peachyteachy Says:

    Waiting for the one that tops the homework that was set afire. He brought it in, complete with singed edges.

  3. Katie Says:

    I fell for the fake puke just last week. I knew it was fake. Seriously. I just wanted to send that dude home. Was that wrong???

  4. valleygirl96 Says:

    How about “My stomach hurts because I haven’t pooped in four days.” ? That one got a pass to the nurse from me. I’m not qualified to give an enema.

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