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Music A to Z EEEEEEEEEEEE HAH! May 20, 2014

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My good friend Jackie over at Ambling and Rambling has been posting these Music A to Z deals, and I decided that I would finally join in on this one. I may not have followed the protocol on this, so I will not be too shocked when the Music A to Z police surround the house.

This week is dedicated to the letter E— a bit of a challenge, but I am up for it.

Let’s get to it. And don’t judge. I didn’t dig deep into the Dylan archives. You’re welcome.



ELO “Strange Magic” Love the harmony on this song.


Ellen Page Michael Cera “Anyone Else But You” If you don’t think this is charming, I just don’t know.


Van Morrison “Enlightenment” Only Van can get away with the lyric about one hand clapping. Van is THE MAN.


Eddie Vedder carries “Comfortably Numb.” Come on, Eddie sounds amazing. Roger Waters? You be the judge.

Elvis Costello “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” I just think this song is beautiful, and his voice powerful.




5 Responses to “Music A to Z EEEEEEEEEEEE HAH!”

  1. javaj240 Says:

    YAY, for you! So glad you decided to come over to the dark side and play with me! There will be no Music A to Z police coming anywhere near your house — if I were to venture up to your neck of the woods it wouldn’t be to issue you any citations, I would be there to kidnap you and take you to civilization, you know, where we have Ikea.

    Love the ELO. You’re right. Great harmonies!

    Is the Ellen Page/Michael Cera from “Juno”? If it is, I must have, somehow and inexplicably missed it. I love that movie! I will say, though, that I’m usually multi-tasking when I’m watching television. Once in a while I may miss something important. (My husband just informed me that while I’ve been concentrating on your post and my response to it, both Granderson and Duda homered!) What can I say, I may have a touch of the ADD.

    I would normally agree with you that VAN IS THE MAN, but then you went and threw Eddie in there. I love Eddie. Almost used “Last Kiss” this week, but Prom Night is tomorrow and, well, I just didn’t want to tempt fate. I’m nervous enough as it is!

    I saw that Vedder/ Waters collaboration LIVE. It’s just as strange the second time around. Eddie is “all that and a bag of chips”; Roger nails his “creepy uncle” role. Nails it! You don’t happen to know who the guitarist is here, do you? I think my husband told me when we watched it as it aired, but I’ve forgotten. He’s amazing!

    Thanks for “Deep, Dark, Truthful Mirror”. I hadn’t heard that song in ages! I love “old” Elvis Costello — the stuff he recorded before his wife led him down that artsy, jazzy path! I’ve decided that he should ditch her and get The Attractions back together! I may have tried to relay this information to him late one gin-soaked evening via a very long-winded and opinionated e-mail missive to his agent. This was only one of the reasons I gave up drinking.

    Next week is “F” week. Some of my favorite and most often used words begin with that letter! (I really enjoy fajitas and flan!) I hope you join us again! 🙂

  2. rossmurray1 Says:

    ELO live, who knew? And you’re right about the Juno song. A lot of people got a hate on for that movie, mostly after the fact, but it’s a sweet, well-written film. Van and Elvis are two of my heroes. So, thanks for all this.

    • peachyteachy Says:

      I know—they sound so produced in studio, but then Jeff Lynne’s voice is pretty much the same live. The Juno song used to be my ringtone. That’s how much of a Juno dork I am.

  3. rebecca2000 Says:

    Ellen Page did great with that song. Love it.

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