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Vote Peachy for Lame Mom 2014 October 13, 2014

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My kid has a job and a paycheck, but not much of a wardrobe.  When he has been given cash for clothes, he has continued to avoid shopping for them.

This weekend, I spent one dollar at a thrift store on a pair of LLBean wide wale corduroys for my gainfully employed 23-year-old kid.

I am quite sure that this lands me in one of two categories:

1) Lame

2) Super Lame


8 Responses to “Vote Peachy for Lame Mom 2014”

  1. Not lame at all. One of the things my son (and DIL) like to do is go to thrift stores and discover “treasures”. So you are COOL, in my book.

  2. jscottrussell Says:

    If he doesn’t want them, can I have them?

  3. Moms have a way about them that can drive an offspring crazy, especially when it comes to clothes. That said, I have a lovely scarf that I’ve been wearing for 30 years. My mom gave it to me. She bought her rainbow fifteen years ago, but when this winter rolls around, I will definitely be wearing that scarf. I have had girlfriends who have tried to permanently borrow that scarf. Even if I were to suddenly find myself hooked up with an underwear model: I. Will. Never. Allow. That.

  4. jst4lafs Says:

    Lame or super Lame – loved that! Thrifting is where it’s at! hmmm.. perhaps I must blog about that! I’m a lifer! 🙂

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