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Name Game April 23, 2020

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There is no way to suggest that any crisis in the world of Peachy really matters, in light of the broader global picture in which we find ourselves today. Therefore, we are not going to go into explanations for why a blogger might fall off the face of the World of WordPress.

Such details pale in comparison to the abrupt changes that have characterized the last, oh, thirty-eight days—but who’s counting? Quick, say the name! Because I can’t. Oh, I can come up with it when I have a minute, but I wonder if I am the only person who finds that the names of this thing just don’t have a groove at all?

Coronavirus-–I say, ” Carnivorous.

Covid19—I hear “Coville13” (after beloved children’s author, Bruce Coville.) who I’m sure would agree that 13 is way better than lame 19 On really bat shit crazy quarantine days, it’s a coven of 19 witches.

Maybe it’s some global pandemic phenomenon whereby it becomes “That which must not be named,” or “the artist formerly known as Chinese virus.”

Maybe it is quarantine cabin fever…

Image: New York Public Library


4 Responses to “Name Game”

  1. I hope you’re doing well! Back to in-person learning? I’ve missed your pithy observations.

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