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Normal is Overrated February 26, 2014

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When emotions are high, or raw, or low—this is when music is most essential.

I sometimes fall into a feeling of normalcy over some things.  That my parents are no longer walking around in the world.  That my only sibling is mentally ill.  That they were, we were, once, a little family with little kids and dreams for the future.

The crashing of the dreams is the most haunting part.

Tonight I am reminded and it doesn’t feel normal (although that state may be a delusional one, at best).

So I landed on the song. I had to listen so hard to hear the story. But it was worth sticking around for.





My Addictive Blog, OR Dream On, Sister October 2, 2012

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Thanks, Fortyteen Candles, for nominating me for the blog award of my choice! What a cool, creative way to keep the labor to a minimum and the strokes still attractive.  I have chosen

because I like to think that a handful of people might feel that way, and I tend to like addictive people in general.  This fact is so consistent that I can assure  you of this: if I like you a lot, chances are you may want to examine your addictive tendencies to see if you should be checking out a Twelve-Step program.  I don’t like ALL addictive people, but if I do like you, you just might want to check. . .

At any rate, I have managed to reveal one possibly interesting thing about myself. Again. And these blog awards are all about trying to think of things about oneself that have not already been revealed through one’s exhaustive blog coverage of one’s skin conditions. Those are the rules, y’all, in case I nominate you.  Another rule is that you have to conspicuously thank me with some linkage.  But I understand if you are more annoyed than anything and you want to conspicuously curse me and the miniature horse I rode in on.

Thing the second: I will not be joining you in Farmville, even with the promise of a FREE CHICK. That’s just not a draw for me.

Thing the third:  I was the inspiration for a Bob Dylan song.  The lyric goes like this: “She takes me out and leads me among the environments.” Did I say he recorded it? What do you mean, ” In your dreams?”  Are you psychic or something? Okay, that was just a dream I had. Blame the subconscious.

Thing the fourth:  I watched David Letterman before anyone watched David Letterman.  I was David Letterman’s first viewer.  When he had a daytime show.  He was way too random for daytime, but for me it was like meeting a kindred soul. If you know David Letterman, could you please put in a word for me as a possible hire?

Thing the fifth (and I think that the rules say that you must reveal 5-7 things about yourself): Sadly, we are out of lollipops.

Okay, now I am required to nominate people, and this is tough, because I resist following blogs–simply due to the fact that I can’t keep up.  So I will try not to re-nominate folks who are just over being nominated. Some of my newer discoveries:

The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things because I like my interesting to be ridiculous.

tracy fulks She caters to pretty much everyone, and streamlines it all so that you can access the vulgar stuff first.  I know some folks like that.

Fabulously Awkward Girl  is a white chick who lives in NY and who catches some interesting stuff on the subway.

Drinking Tips for Teens is not.  It’s a funny Canadian.  They don’t need any drinking tips!

Valley Girl is another new find for me–a fellow educator in a perfect world.

Finally, the rules strongly suggest that you notify these folks of the overwhelming honor that is being bestowed upon them.  So I have to get to work.

Spread the love around. BTW, you are also supposed to display the lovely graphic above.


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